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Zodiak No 1-2009, english version, vill be published maybe in the late of this year

This is the astrological magasin Zodiak official website. The ambition is to provide an interesting astrological digital magazine in pdf format on the web for those interested. Information on Zodiak will be posted here gradually come.

I've decided to start up the astrological magazine Zodiak again, that I published on paperformat in the nineties. My plans are to publish it in digital form insted with two issues per year. You download your copy directly from this site by clicking the "Order Zodiak" and fill out the form to become available. Where you state your name, mailaddress and you get the newspaper in an attachment in an mail. Full information will show up later on this page when the magazin is ready to be published.

The format that I focus on is PDF. What you need to read Zodiak is a program that reads the PDF file format, be connected to the Internet by e-mail and have a printer connected to the computer.
Of course, you can also choose to read the magazine directly from the screen if you prefer, or do not have a printer. Do you have color printer is certain details of color, otherwise it completely in black and white or grayscale.

A program that handles PDF documents in a good way is Adobe Acrobat Reader. The program can be downloaded from www.adobe.com without charge or obtained by some CD-ROM that is included with many computer magazines. Many computer users have the program already on their computer, otherwise, you'll install it.

Editor: Astrologer Leif Linder

Publisher: LLBok

Swedish version click here!

Page updated 6 januari 2009

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